People just like you, turn to us for help making health care and financial decisions. Whether your need to put a plan in place or address current concerns.

Many of our services are designed as a supportive role around:

  • Coordination of health care services
  • Care management
  • Help with placement options

It’s all part of our commitment to helping individuals preserve independence, dignity and autonomy.

Every fiduciary relationship we hold is grounded in three principles: Good faith. Loyalty. Trust.

Case Management & Fiduciary Services offered
in Tucson and Scottsdale

Our services extend to guidance around guardianship and conservatorship. You can receive assistance with trust management and estate dissolution.

Whether you’re looking for a personal representative or someone to act as a Medical Power of Attorney or Financial Power of Attorney, we can help. What’s more, you can even count on us to act as a Trustee for your family trust or special needs trust.

Take a look at the many types of clients we serve:

  • Care management and patient advocacy groups

  • Individuals with a desire for a long term plan

  • Families needing assistance

  • Guardianship and emergency guardianship

  • Conservatorship

  • Attorneys

  • Trust companies

  • US Veterans

What Matters Most is Your Decision.
Safeguarding It Is Our Responsibility.

Life is complicated. Protecting what matters most to you doesn’t have to be. Here, you’ll discover a collaborative approach to identifying and facilitating your options. At Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona, you can safeguard health and financial needs

A case manager and fiduciary will explore all options; including alternatives to meet individual requirements and expectations.

Schedule your complimentary discovery session. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

It’s the first step to putting a solid plan in place. Together, we can help preserve independence, dignity and autonomy.

Contact us for your complimentary discovery session.

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Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona is an Arizona Licensed Fiduciary Company