VA Federal Fiduciary


VA Federal Fiduciary When a U.S. Veteran is in need of support, we are notified by a Veterans Administrative Services Field Representative to assume the role of Federal Fiduciary and act as the veteran’s payee. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has commissioned Sterling [...]

Money Management


Money Management Safe and Confidential Solutions Creating safe and confidential solutions for you money management are essential. Whether you are struggling to manage a sizable estate or something a more modest, our money management solutions can offer you the support you need. From bill [...]

Emergency Case Manager


Emergency Case Management Understanding Needs. Exploring Options. Our assessments are designed to help you address a full array of needs. They are a great tool for quickly determining: The appropriate level of care based on the individual’s unique circumstances. Ways to [...]

Private Fiduciary


Fiduciary Services in Tucson and Scottsdale Exceptional Fiduciary Relationships. Good Faith. Loyalty. Trust. For some clients, making health care and financial decisions has always been the responsibility of someone else. For others, putting a plan in place to manage these important decisions is [...]

Court Appointed Fiduciary


Court Appointed Fiduciary Services Protection. Advocacy. Accountability. Protecting those in need. It’s a simple goal with tremendous responsibility. Sterling Case Management & Fiduciaries of Arizona offers fiduciary services for those in search of a court appointed guardian or conservator. While the goals for [...]

Consultations and Assessments


Consultations and Assessments Evaluating Options. Providing Solutions. As people age, concerns around welfare and well-being change. You can find yourself growing increasingly concerned about independence, dignity and relevance. These are things we all value and seek to preserve. However, sometimes knowing the best path [...]

Case Management


Case Management Case Management Services Putting Patient Advocacy First Solutions. Communication. Respect. Sometimes getting healthy is the first priority. Everyone needs help from time-to-time and someone who will listen and advocate for them. Case Management services offer the opportunity to have a supportive, [...]

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